Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon to challenge Google Books deal

As I posted a few weeks ago and you have surely read about in the news (when you weren’t watching town hall meetings turn into bizarro-world, that is) Google Books negotiated a legal settlement recently that isn’t sitting well with a lot of folks. Apparently the Other Big Three are weighing in.

From AP, via Huffington Post:
Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon to challenge Google Books deal

SAN FRANCISCO — The fight against a legal settlement that would give Google Inc. the digital rights to millions of copyrighted books is starting to resemble a heavyweight brawl in the library.

Microsoft Corp., Yahoo Inc. and Inc. are joining a coalition that hopes to rally opposition to Google’s digital book ambitions and ultimately persuade a federal judge to block or revise the Internet search leader’s plans.

The group, to be called the Open Book Alliance, is being put together by the Internet Archive, a longtime critic of Google’s crusade to make digital copies of as many printed books as possible. A growing number of critics already have filed objections to Google’s book settlement, but none have the clout that the Open Book Alliance figures to wield with three of the world’s best-known technology companies on board.

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