Fly Me to the Moon

I may not have mentioned this before, but I’m a space nut. I was the kid who wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up, and when as a young and now full-fledged adult I showed little aptitude for science and no physical prowess to speak of, my ambitions did not change even though my expectations were realistic. Given the chance, I would fly to the moon, or anywhere else in space, tomorrow. I’ve been known to drop everything to watch a shuttle launch on NASA TV. If I could go back in time and live in any particular era, it would be during heydey of the Mercury and Apollo programs. I can only imagine what it must have been like to live through those exciting years.

So as a thwarted space junkie, instead I love all things space-related — space books, space movies, what have you. My favorites are The Right Stuff and Apollo 13 — both the movie and the book by Jim Lovell are excellent (and how often can you say that?). And I also highly recommend the wonderfully dramatized From the Earth to the Moon, if you haven’t seen it yet.

Here’s one that would be the highlight of any would-be space-explorer’s collection, I’m sure:

It’s a $1,500  case, “made from a single piece of aluminium,” that holds the Lunar Rock edition of Norman Mailer’s “MoonFire: The Epic Journey of Apollo 11.”  There are only twelve copies of the edition for sale. Oh, and it also includes an actual lunar rock, sort of thrown in as a bonus prize.

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