LibraryThing’s iPhone app, Local Books

Last week, LibraryThing released their very own and first app for the iPhone, Local Books. The app is free. From LibraryThing’s Tim Spalding:

Local Books resembles popular dining apps like LocalEats or UrbanSpoon—but for book lovers. It shows you local bookstores, libraries and bookish events wherever you are or plan to be.

I’ve been using beta versions on my trips for months already; it’s the ideal travel companion. Even if you know your area well, you’re almost certain to find new places. We hope it will be a shot in the arm for physical bookstores and libraries—a new way to see how much bookishness there is around you.

Hmmm. It’s interesting. I don’t know exactly how useful it’s going to be, but I’m all for anything that promotes bookishness.

I downloaded it and have played around a little. It’s a nicely built little app, easy to navigate. And it does work; it picked up my own book club meeting this afternoon, and something else at the public library. Of course the key is — bookstores, and libraries, need to input their events in order for anyone to find them. That’s the sticking point.

2 thoughts on “LibraryThing’s iPhone app, Local Books

  1. Sounds like a great app if people will make sure to announce their events on it! Hopefully, consumers in their stores or in the libraries will mention it, or the app designer will send info about it to the retail outlets and the libraries to let them know it’s available.

  2. LibraryThing’s sort of a DIY kind of place, in that it’s just a handful of people making the site go, I can’t imagine for any sort of a profit. So I doubt there’s marketing money to promote it — but word of mouth, the blogosphere, Twitter, etc., that kind of thing. I like the site a lot, though as I’ve said, it takes a special kind of book geek to catalog their own books. 🙂

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