iPad may go on sale March 26th — getting ready for iBooks

I’m a junkie: pretty much every day now I’m Googling “ipad release date”, looking for news — finally, this morning, MacRumors.com says there are “whispers” that the iPad will go on sale March 26, at 6 PM.

The iPad is getting a lot of pre-release criticism, and I’m sure it’s not for everyone. I don’t recommend it, I don’t dis-recommend it — but I know I, personally, want one. I use a desktop for all my heavy computing. I use (and love) my iPhone for my mobile needs. But there’s a niche that’s missing for me. I bought a netbook a few months ago, mostly to fill in while the desktop (“Stan the Man”, I call it — yes, I name my computers) was out getting repairs. I have nothing positive to say about netbooks. Steve Job is right: it really is just a crappy laptop. I need the touchscreen, the media capabilities. And I’ve grown very curious about e-reading. I’ve done a bit of it on my iPhone; it’s not bad, but the screen is a little small. I’ve been curious about the Kindle and the Nook, but just couldn’t stomach the price tag, for a one-purpose device. As Roger Stewart, editorial director of McGraw-Hill Professional, put it:

“The reason publishers have long believed the iPad would have the potential to be a game changer is not because it was designed to be an e-book reader,” he said. “It’s a game changer because it does everything else well and, by the way, it also happens to be a great e-book reader. Most people are reluctant to pay $300 for an e-book reader, but if the reader is just part of the device that you bought for all those other reasons the barrier goes away.”


So, I’m still Googling, and watching the news. I seriously doubt I’ll camp out for the iPad. I didn’t for the iPhone, and instead just walked into an Apple Store the next day and bought one in five minutes. But I’ll be tempted.

3 thoughts on “iPad may go on sale March 26th — getting ready for iBooks

  1. We will definitely be getting one too – perk of the hubby’s business. 🙂 He’s already written software that can change any book into an ePub format to be sold on the iPad, but as Apple has decided they’re using ePub “plus”, they’re only allowing the big publishers to work with them for the release. He’s anticipating that it will open up to smaller book publishers though, as time goes by so that’s the market he’s going for.

    He thinks, after much scrutiny, that it does have a very important niche to fill, and that most people can use one in addition to their desktop machine. Most people don’t actually need laptops, as their home/work computers do what they need them to do there, and they don’t need the power of a laptop when they’re out and about (unless they’re taking work along) so the iPad will be perfect for email, surfing, reading and most other light tasks needed. He also figures it will fill the “first computer” market for a lot of young teens. It’s much cheaper than a laptop, more useable than a netbook and most of them have bigger computers either at home (their parents) or at school, so something portable that does so much will be ideal.

    My laptop (being 5/6 years old) is starting to have issues. The case is irreparably cracked and the internet connectivity is starting to go, so when we get the iPad and mess around with it I’m going to see if I like it and if I do, that’s what will be replacing this old thing.

  2. I had a laptop once and didn’t enjoy the experience at all. It felt too much like dragging luggage around with me everywhere, and I’m the kind of girl who likes to get on a plane with just my purse, you know? I hate carrying things, weighing me down.

    Honestly I doubt my iPad will even leave the house very often.

  3. I imagine I’ll take mine everywhere, but then I already have to take a ton of stuff (kids, you know) when I leave the house. 🙂

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