iPad launch day

I’m not even going to try to pretend I’m doing anything today other than messing around with my iPad. 🙂 I’ll post something more of a review tomorrow, but suffice to say, I warn you, it’s going to be quite positive.

I didn’t intend to wait in line and figured I’d just cruise by the store around noon and pick up my reserved iPad. Ha. As if I’d really just wait around until then. I showed up at the Apple Store at 9 am (which is when the doors opened) and found a big ol huge line. Awesomely, though, it was the fastest line I ever stood in, for this kind of thing. 45 minutes later I was back in my car, headed home.

More tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “iPad launch day

  1. Ooh, congrats! I’m glad you’re liking it. Kind of important when you’re spending that kind of money. 🙂

    We’ll definitely be getting one (for me!!! I can finally retire this old dinosaur) but not until late April – I think around the 23rd is when they’re available here in Canada. Hubby may have to use it for some testing first but then it’s mine. All mine! *cue evil laughter*

  2. Awesome, There were quite a few Canadians in line at our store today (it may be the closest Apple Store to the border in the US) for that reason.

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