More Potter? J.K. Rowling not ruling out another book someday

jk rowlingSince the publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the last book in J.K. Rowling wildly popular series, the talented author has been rather firm in her statement that this was, indeed, the last “Potter” book. Surprisingly, Ms. Rowling may be softening on that point. From The Washington Post:

Though she said she doesn’t plan to write any offshoots of the Potter series, she didn’t rule it out “maybe 10 years from now,” depending on how she feels. But she told one child she does want to write more books.

“Yes, I do, and I am,” Rowling said. “I’m quite sure in the not-too-distant future I will bring out another book.”

Hmmm. Well, I’m definitely interested in anything else she’s planning on writing. And curious about a new book/series. But strangely, I’m not sure how I’d feel about more Potter, and I’m a die-hard HP fan. It’s just, isn’t the story done? Is there more to tell, really? Do I actually want to read “Harry Potter and the Hip Replacement of Doom” or, even worse, “Potter: the Next Generation”? The only thing I think I’d want to see her publish in the Potterverse would, I think, be a prequel.

What do you think? Is there a place for more Potter, or should the story rest in peace?

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  1. Actually, I would totally read a new HP book, particularly if it dealt with the adult versions of the characters and their families. I think the Voldemort/Boy-Who-Lived story has come full circle and that there would be no point in revisiting that, but the take-away from HP (for me) was Harry’s compassion, which is something that could play out in other ways against other adversaries…

  2. For me, it would depend on what the book was about concerning the HP universe. I’ve never read her “companion” books, the books of magickal creatures and the like, because they don’t interest me. I love the characters in the HP universe, but I’m not sure I want to read about Harry’s children necessarily. Like you, Twinsy, the thought of a prequel is interesting, but since we know how it’s all going to end up, I’m not sure it would hold my attention unless it was very well written and we really got some new information about James, Lily, Remus, Sirirus, and the like.

    But I would be very interested if Rowling created a whole other universe. I’d like to think she has more interesting stuff up her sleeves.

  3. My thought about a prequel is that, while we know how it all ends up, there’s tons we don’t know about James’ family, Remus’ family, what Hogwarts was like then, and so forth. It could be interesting.

    Lori, do you think there’d have to be a new theme, then? I agree, though I’d shudder if it was just fighting some other wizard, “Dark Lord 2.0”. I think what I’d find most interesting, if we had to go forward, would be an exploration of the Potterverse sans Potter — other countries, other magical creatures, maybe.

  4. I would love to see maybe a book of marauder’s era short stories. But I agree that Harry’s tale has been told. He’s ridden off into the sunset, and another book featuring Harry as a primary character would be superfluous.

  5. I think what I’m thinking is the stuff that Madeline L’Engle wrote following A Wrinkle in Time. The characters were what was interesting to me, and the sequels – each of which had their own set of problems – worked for me because they added layers of knowledge about the characters. I agree with you that “Dark Lord 2.0” would be lame, but I’m in the minority in wanting to see something about Harry’s (etc.) kids confront something new…or something. I dunno – I say Wrinkle in Time, but I seem to really be thinking more along the lines of the sequels to Anne of Green Gables, which is probably not the direction the Potterverse should take.

    For my part, I couldn’t have cared less about the magic and creatures, etc., of the universe; my interest was always in the characters. Her better writing – later in the series, especially – was marked by an economy of exposition that would be ruined, I think, if she did prequels. While part of me would love to read more Snape stuff, I think the economy with which she described his angst and sacrifices was pitch-perfect. Anything more would take away from that, IMO.

  6. (I keep thinking about this – which, of course, means that I should be writing my chapter…) For me, ultimately, the only reason to do more Potterverse writing would be if it could somehow – even tangentially – further inform our understanding of the characters with which we’re already familiar. I’m not interested in reading something about a creature or character that was mentioned once. But YMMV. 😉

  7. I did have some interest in the magic, the universe JKR created, and so on, so it seems like there might be a lot to explore there. But I’m not sure it would work without Harry or his friends and family.

    I think the reason I think about a prequel is that I do feel as if there’s a lot about Lily and James, specifically, we don’t know about. James’ family still seems mysterious to me (there were really NO relatives left when James died?). And… when did everything change? Because the James we saw was a bit of a prat, and Lily thought so as well. Through Snape’s memories we learned what drove Lily and Severus apart, but I don’t quite get what brought Lily and James together.

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  10. Are you kidding????!!!! I will read anything she puts on the shelves!!!! She’s an amazing author! And what Potter Lover would not want to know more about the amazing characters and world that she has created! All of her characters are fantastic! All I’ll say is BRING IT ON!!!!!

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