eBook piracy on the rise?

From CNET:

Last January a company called Attributor conducted its first e-book piracy study. And back in May, I mentioned that study in piece called “Is Pad supercharging e-book piracy?” Well, Attributor has conducted a second study more recently and come up with some interesting data.

The company says its key findings are:

  • 50 percent increase in online searches for pirated downloads throughout the past year
  • 1.5-3 million daily Google queries for pirated e-books
  • 20 percent increase in demand for pirated downloads since the iPad became widely available in mid-May 2010
  • 54 percent increase in pirated e-book demand since August 2009
  • Proliferation of smaller sites that host and supply pirated e-books–a shift from larger sites like Rapidshare dominating the syndication market
  • “Breaking Dawn” by Stephanie Meyer registered the most pirated copy searches throughout the study
  • Widespread international demand, with the largest number of searches during the study originating in the United States (11 percent), India (11 percent) and Mexico (5 percent)

Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-20018831-1.html#ixzz11ftgWWcT

3 thoughts on “eBook piracy on the rise?

  1. E-book piracy is theft. To me it is no different than shop lifting a printed book from the store. Unfortunately, many do not see it that way.

  2. This is a concern. Is there a way to stop it? Probably not. Maybe it’s a matter of making the cost of books cheap enough so people won’t feel they have to try to get them free.

    I found a site by accident advertsiing free ebooks – bestsellers even – you had to pay a memebrship fee ($50) then every download was free. I emailed them asking how they paid the authors ( me being one this is a big concern) They didn’t email me back. Silence speaks louder than words in this instance.

    It’s not hard to find these sites though. Can’t police prospecute?

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