Great Holiday Expectations for E-Readers

I’m far from the only person who thinks e-readers are going to be the go-to- gift item this holiday season.

Published: November 14, 2010
Not many book buyers have an e-reader, but publishers and booksellers expect this holiday season to change that.
The big question I have, though, is how much of a price drop can we expect? Most retail analysts consider $99 the “magic number” which will bring an item down to the average American shopper’s general consideration, but most e-readers price at $139 or $179. Will they go any lower, or will the new-found frenzy for e-readers keep the prices where they are? What about supply? In some previous years, e-readers were difficult to get your hands on in time to wrap for under the tree. Lets hope the major players have their ducks in a better row this year.

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