Bread and Jam for Frances – Russell Hoban Dies at 86

Russell Hoban, ‘Frances’ Author, Dies at 86 –

“Hoban began writing children’s books in the late 1950s. His first, “What Does It Do and How Does It Work?,” featured Mr. Hoban’s own drawings of dump trucks, steam shovels and other heavy machinery. But he didn’t care for illustrating his own books, and his second title, “Bedtime for Frances,” a gentle tale about the delaying tactics of a child being sent off to bed, was illustrated by Garth Williams, with Frances as a furry little badger.

In the six Frances books that followed, including “A Baby Sister for Frances,” “A Birthday for Frances” and a poetry collection, “Egg Thoughts and Other Frances Songs,” the illustrator was Mr. Hoban’s wife, Lillian.”

Bread and Jam for Frances was a cherished book of my childhood, but I’m sorry to say I never took that book-love further to find out anything about the author. (Nor did I realize the illustrator, Garth Williams, was the same man who did the Little House books, and Charlotte’s Web.) But Frances remains with me to this day.

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