my big poofy dress


Once upon a time, she had it all — the tiara, the veil, the big poofy dress and the half-the-cathedral-length train. It didn’t end very well, but that day she had  every little girl’s dream of a princess wedding.

Not mine, though. In all honesty, I never had that dream. I didn’t have visions of a big ol’ wedding or a big day. I was a little too focused on the thought that I didn’t think I’d ever find a guy wonderful enough to stand next to, or that would want to stand next to me, on that big day. Lucky me, I have that now, and the veil, and even the tiara. And, yes, a big poofy dress.

Now, it’s not quite this poofy, of course. And the train isn’t that long, either, thank goodness. But it’s a lotta dress. It’s enormous. The train is too heavy to lift, and the bustle assembly resembles nothing so much as a shuttle launch. It’s got layers and layers of organza, pretty sparkly beading, and lace. The skirt moves like a cloud, and I love it. Every single big poofy bit of it. It was the first dress I tried on, and most definitely the last wedding dress I’ll ever wear. It’s perfect, and better than any other dream I had.

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  1. Toni you are an outstanding writer and I love what you wrote here.
    I look forward to everything you write.
    Thanks for making me feel like a part of it all!!!

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