thank you, JetBlue

In April of this year, Dave booked his ticket to fly to Buffalo on October 26, for our wedding two weeks later. That’s the day I’ve been counting down to and it’s here and I couldn’t be happier — and I’d like to thank JetBlue for a favor that made our day just a little more special.

Jet_BlueSince this would be Dave’s last flight to me, I wanted to do something special for him. So I wrote JetBlue an email and explained everything to them — our back-and-forth long distance relationship, all three+ years of it, with all but a bare few of those flights on JetBlue. I told them how I’d learned the specifications of the aircraft that make the NYC/Buffalo run, and that my favorite seat was 3A and then all of Dave’s favorite things about flying with them (DirecTV!). I told them about our last flight to each other and asked if they could do something for him, just a little gesture. And they responded very courteously and said they would do their best — they can’t guarantee anything, due to other priorities, but they really do everything they can.

And it worked! Before takeoff, the pilot came and said hello (his name was Dave too!) and asked if this was a special flight, and if Dave was getting married. Dave was surprised at being asked and said yes (he texted me, “Did you call JB?!” and I admitted I had) and they chatted a bit. And that was great in itself, but that was just the start — then as they were taxiing, they congratulated Dave in the in-flight announcement before takeoff, told everyone on the plane, people clapped, Dave got lots of congratulations, and, I hope, felt special and wonderful, which he is.

So thanks, JetBlue. I mean it. I didn’t ask for much but that didn’t mean you had to do anything, and you came through in a very nice, big way. Very classy, and very appreciated. 🙂

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