clingy cats

I love cats of all kinds. Big ones, little ones, lap cats and mean cats and cats that are crazy and cats that run the world. Stripey, orangey, black, white, splotchy, what have you. I don’t have a preference because I like them all for their quirks and their pecadillos. It’s what makes cats fun, in my opinion. They’re such individuals.

While some cats are more affectionate than others, in general there’s a certain standard of standoffishness you expect from a cat, right? A certain “I don’t care what you do” superiority, even if they don’t mean it deep down (sometimes they’re just faking for appearances). That slow blink that says, “You have an incurable tumor? Yes, that’s very interesting. And once you’re dead, my food bowl will be getting filled how?” I mean, those of you who knew my Katie can attest that she was never anything other than annoyed with the world, something I rather enjoyed.

The point is, given all of that, I was somewhat unprepared for Fred and George. Loving, affectionate, not given to sulks or attitude, they’re wonderful kitties… even if sometimes I’m scratching my head, wondering if they missed a day in Cat Attitude School. Still, lately they’ve really taken it up a notch. These days they’re downright…clingy. If I sit still for more than five minutes, I’m generally swarmed on by orangey fluff, and if I lie down on the bed, I end up with this:

I’m not complaining, believe me. But I’ll never know what I did to deserve such kitty devotion. Of course, it’s possible they’re just using me for body warmth and ear rubbings.

2 thoughts on “clingy cats

  1. I have had 3 cats in my life. My first two, Gina and Finnegan, had their sweet moments and were very affectionate, but they also had the “cat”titude that we all adore. Now I have Squeaky, an adorable little black cat. She is also very clingy…to the point where we named her Squeaky because she is constantly “squeaking” for attention. She’s very vocal about her clinginess and, while it’s nice to be loved, was very unexpected considering my previous experience. She’s young, maybe she’s just lulling us into submission before the claws come out!

    • That’s exactly how I felt — it was a little unexpected, after my experience with Katie. Katie was always in a bad mood and sometimes liked to be near you and share the misery, but that was about it. Whereas, when George is pressed up against me, he clearly feels there are still too many molecules between us. Weird. 🙂

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