Dan Brown offers “The Da Vinci Code” as free e-book, with peek at new book, Inferno

Available through March 24, Dan Brown fans can get a look at the opening of his upcoming book, “Inferno,” along with a free ebook of his breakthrough best-seller, “The Da Vinci Code,” publisher Doubleday announced today.

Get the book here.

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Giveaway! “The Cottage at Glass Beach” by Heather Barbieri

Released today by HarperCollins, Heather Barbieri’s “The Cottage at Glass Beach” is a terrific summer read. Comment here to win a free copy!

“40-year-old Nora Cunningham has it all: a handsome husband, Malcolm, the youngest attorney general in Massachusetts’ state history, and daughters, Annie, 7, and Ella, 11. That is, until she learns of Malcolm’s affair—and his refusal to give up his lover, turning their lives upside down. At the height of the scandal, Nora receives an invitation to visit her maternal aunt, Maire. To escape the growing political storm and gain perspective on her marriage and complicated past, Nora packs up her daughters and heads to Burke’s Island, a remote island off the coast of Maine, originally settled by Irish immigrants. Nora hadn’t been there since age five, the summer her mother disappeared and she and her father moved to Boston, never speaking of the matter again. One night, while sitting alone on Glass Beach, below the cottage where she spent her childhood, Nora lets down at last. Her tears flow into the sea, where, according to local legend, they might call a selkie, to console her. Not long afterward, Owen Kavanagh, a fisherman with a mysterious past, is shipwrecked on the rocks. As the weeks pass, Nora finds more questions than answers on Burke’s Island, regarding her relationships, her mother’s fate, and her own identity. And, as she deals with her headstrong daughters and their needs, and her own wants and desires, Nora finds the courage to chart her own course, and that the secrets surrounding that long ago summer finally come to light.”

We’re giving away a FREE copy of “The Cottage at Glass Beach”. All you have to do is comment here on this blog before midnight, on Thursday May 17th, and tell us what your favorite “summer read” is. Winner will be chosen using random.org and announced here.

Regal Literary Giveaway Contest

Regal Literary has announced a Winter Holiday Book Giveaway. The season of curling up with a great book on a cold night and looking for the perfect holiday gift for the bookworm in your life is fast approaching, and we wanted to share some of our favorite books, including:

Audrey Niffenegger’s Her Fearful Symmetry – signed!
Martin Clark’s The Legal Limit – signed!
Alex Heard’s The Eyes of Willie McGee – signed!
Keith Scribner’s The Oregon Experiment – signed!
Isaac Marion’s Warm Bodies
Thomas Pletzinger’s Funeral For a Dog
Matt Blackstone’s A Scary Scene in a Scary Movie
Scott Cohen’s Don’t You Just Hate That? 738 Annoying Things
Nancey Flowers and Courtney Park’s He Was My Man First

Enter to win at http://www.regal-literary.com/contests/winter/.

Giveaway: The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson, A Novel

W.W. Norton was recently kind enough to send me an advance copy of a new historical novel by Jerome Charyn, The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson. From the press release:

Charyn charts the entirety of Emily’s life — from her girlhood to her death — a life of which her literary career, which she herself tried to keep confined to an “invisible sphere,” was only one small part… Emily Dickinson’s genius is not confined to her verse, but must be sought in her whole life, through which she remained uncompromisingly true to herself — a feat no less difficult in late nineteenth-century New England than it is today.

To enter to win The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson, simply leave a comment on this post — the winner will be chosen on the evening of Wednesday, Feb. 23 using random.org.

Edited to add: Thanks to everyone who participated!

Free ebooks from Barnes & Noble this summer

There’s a new promotion from Barnes & Noble: bring your electronic device (The device can be an iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC HD2, PC or Mac laptop or B.&N.’s own electronic reader, the Nook) into the store for a code to redeem for a free e-book. The giveaway will run for five weeks, with a different free book each week.

The promotion began this past Monday (hmmm… I shop there *constantly* and this is the first I’ve heard of it, though. B&N, this is what I mean) with The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.

For more information, visit B&N’s promotion page.

Giveaway: free e-book!

This contest has as many winners as want the prize! Author Chris Tusa is offering free e-book copies of his new novel, Dirty Little Angels, to anyone who agrees to leave a review of the book on Amazon.com.

Set in the slums of New Orleans, among clusters of crack houses and abandoned buildings, Dirty Little Angels is the story of sixteen year old Hailey Trosclair. When the Trosclair family suffers a string of financial hardships and a miscarriage, Hailey finds herself looking to God to save her family. When her prayers go unanswered, Hailey puts her faith in Moses Watkins, a failed preacher and ex-con. Fascinated by Moses’s lopsided view of religion, Hailey, and her brother Cyrus, begin spending time down at an abandoned bank that Moses plans to convert into a drive-through church. Gradually, though, Moses’s twisted religious beliefs become increasingly more violent, and Hailey and Cyrus soon find themselves trapped in a world of danger and fear from which there may be no escape.

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Interested? Leave a comment here (remember to include your email address in the form, which won’t appear publicly) and the e-book is yours. Don’t have an e-reader? This e-book is in PDF format and can be read on your desktop or laptop computer as well.

Book Giveaway: Indignation by Philip Roth

A new book giveaway! I’m giving away a new, hardcover copy of Philip Roth’s bestseller, Indignation. As with all giveaways on LBTS, the winner is under no obligation to read or review this book, though if you wish to do so I would be happy to share your thoughts here. If you’d like to win Indignation, leave a comment on this entry. I will use random.org’s sequence generator to pick the winner. Either way, entries must be made by 11:59 PM, Tuesday September 15, 2009.

Indignation – Philip Roth. (Houghton Mifflin, January 1, 2008) Roth’s brilliant and disconcerting new novel plumbs the depths of the early Cold War–era male libido, burdened as it is with sexual myths and a consciousness overloaded with vivid images of impending death, either by the bomb or in Korea. At least this is the way things appear to narrator Marcus Messner, the 19-year-old son of a Newark kosher butcher. Perhaps because Marcus’s dad saw his two brothers’ only sons die in WWII, he becomes an overprotective paranoid when Marcus turns 18, prompting Marcus to flee to Winesburg College in Ohio. Though the distance helps, Marcus, too, is haunted by the idea that flunking out of college means going to Korea. His first date in Winesburg is with doctor’s daughter Olivia Hutton, who would appear to embody the beautiful normality Marcus seeks, but, instead, she destroys Marcus’s sense of normal by surprising him after dinner with her carnal prowess. Slightly unhinged by this stroke of fortune, he at first shuns her, then pesters her with letters and finally has a brief but nonpenetrative affair with her. Olivia, he discovers, is psychologically fragile and bears scars from a suicide attempt—a mark Marcus’s mother zeroes in on when she meets the girl for the first and last time. Between promising his mother to drop her and longing for her, Marcus goes through a common enough existential crisis, exacerbated by run-ins with the school administration over trivial matters that quickly become more serious.

Book Giveaway: Apples & Oranges

From time to time I plan on giving away books, etc., on this blog — these will all be new items, not hand-me-downs, unless explicitly stated otherwise. The winner is under no obligation to read or review this book, though if you wish to do so I would be happy to share your thoughts here on LBTC afterward. So if you’d like to win this book, leave a comment on this entry. If there’s more than one comment :), I will borrow from my friend Amy at SelfishMom.com and use random.org‘s sequence generator to pick the winner. Either way, entries must be made by midnight, Sunday August 30, 2009.

Our first book giveaway is a memoir penned by Vanity Fair writer Marie Brenner, about a troubled sibling relationship:
apples and oranges cover

Apples and Oranges: My Brother and Me, Lost and Found

by Marie Brenner.
Paperback, 304 pages. 2009.
ISBN-13: 978-0312428808

In life, there are always people we don’t get along with or find hard to understand, but what happens when the person who is hardest to befriend is your own brother? The relationship between siblings lies at the center of Apples & Oranges. When, in Marie Brenner’s case, sibling rivalry is a fundamental part of the brother-sister dynamic, is it possible to change that familial relationship? Even when the situation is desperate?

Apples & Oranges chronicles the story of Marie and her brother Carl (as well as other interesting members of the Brenner clan), a relationship that has been contentious almost from birth…or at least dating back to Carl, age 3, throwing his baby sister out the window. Fast forward to adulthood, where the separation of siblings is not only geographical, but entrenched by their vastly different personalities; Carl is a conservative apple grower, living in Washington state, while Marie, a classic New York liberal, makes a living as an investigative journalist for “Vanity Fair.” Their worlds could not be more different, so too, their personalities.

As adult siblings, every encounter remains strained. When Carl sends precious fruit from his orchards as a gift to Marie, it comes complete with instructions and follow-up phone calls. Even Carl’s decision to share his life-altering secret (a terminal disease) is done by letter to Marie delivered via FedEx and scheduled to arrive after the Thanksgiving holiday. In turn, when Marie decides to fly out to Washington upon learning the news, Carl is not informed ahead of time for fear of sibling rejection.

With such a long way to go, is it possible for two individuals so separate in their philosophies and life styles to come together as family in the face of this crisis? For Marie, it is the only solution. While she can’t save her brother’s life (despite all her investigative skills–in this case, applied to medical research to save her brother), Marie believes that if she and her brother can somehow bridge the gap that has existed for so many years, it will be enough.

First come, first served!