The National Archives uses social media, why can’t I?

I’ve been trying to use Facebook and Twitter to promote the museum, but it’s tough going. To be frank, sometimes the day-in, day-out of our jobs isn’t worth blogging about. Even when we’re busy; I just can’t imagine anyone’s especially interested in seeing me tweet “Oh god, oh god, there are 150 sugared-up kids running through the exhibits!!!” every day. I see the value in using social media for promotion; I’m not quite as sure how to make it happen.

The National Archives is doing a much better job at taking part in social media, of course. From Tech Insider:

The National Archives and Records Administration is going all-in with social media in hopes of assisting and expanding its audience. And the agency isn’t approaching it haphazardly — look across Facebook, Flickr and Twitter and you’ll find consistent names and information, as well as a centralized “one-stop shop” for social media on the website.

Archives has 15-plus Facebook pages, including one for each region and presidential library. Each is a niche community with targeted news and events, said James. For example, the page geared towards researchers in April launched a Civil War-focused scavenger hunt across the Archives’ social media sites, including Flickr, YouTube and Twitter.

Links to the agency’s six blogs, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube pages and Twitter/RSS feeds all can be found off the website’s homepage.*

But, you know, they’re the National Archives. Of course they’ve got awesome stuff to talk about. Anyone else out there having luck using social media as a promotional tool, whether for archives or anything else?

* For easy access to the National Archives’ social media sites, streams and feeds, go here.