Catster’s 5 Favorite Comic Book Cats

Catster is celebrating National Comic Book Day (September 25) with this post about their favorite cats in comics. I had forgotten all about Streaky the Super-Cat, Supergirl’s sidekick (to mirror Superman’s Krypto)!

“Streaky was also briefly a member of the Legion of Super-Pets, consisting of several high-powered animals, including a monkey, a horse, and Superman’s dog, Krypto. Since those halcyon days, comics have thankfully found more substantial roles for cats.”

comic-book-cats-05True — like the Siamese cat from Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman: Dream of a Thousand Cats. It’s a story that is at once wondrous and magical, but at the same time, sad, soulful and frightening — sounds like Neil. 🙂

“The most wondrous and mystical cat on this list, the itinerant Siamese narrates a harrowing tale of love and loss. Seeking retribution against the callousness of her human owners, the Siamese goes on a visionary quest for the Cat of Dreams. The issue is an extended meditation on the question of whether cats dream, as well as the power of the imagination to create reality.”

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For National Comic Book Day, Our 5 Favorite Comic Book Cats | Catster.

I always was a DC girl

coverDC Comics, that is. Yeah, I know that with X-Men and all, the past decade or so, it’s been somewhat “cooler” to be Team Marvel instead of Team DC (and yes, I just used a Twilight reference, my god, it’s taking over everything). But I grew up on Superman, on The Justice League, The Legion of Super Heroes, and last but not least, The New Teen Titans. As a kid I read them for fun, as a teen I went to comic book shops — completely changing their demographic statistics every time I walked in the door, because if there’s any place in the world that’s still a boys’ club, it’s the comic book store, or at least it was in the 80s. In college I stumbled onto Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, an entirely different kind of comic book than I’d read before, and fell in love — I still think it’s one of the best pieces of literature I ever read. And did I mention it was published by DC Comics (Vertigo)? Nowadays I’m out of the comic book loop, but my treasures are tucked away in acid-free boxes, in mylar sleeves, with acid-free back boards… as any responsible archivist would do. I haven’t bought a new comic book in years, but whenever I see a blast from the comic book past, it catches my eye.

I love to vote — in polls, on Election Day, for American Idol — so when I stumbled across The Top 75 Most Iconic DC Covers (that’s a mouthful), I was tickled pink — I remember all of these, even the ones before my time! Voting starts November 23 (this Monday). If you were ever a DC girl like me, take a look at the nominees now.