I always was a DC girl

coverDC Comics, that is. Yeah, I know that with X-Men and all, the past decade or so, it’s been somewhat “cooler” to be Team Marvel instead of Team DC (and yes, I just used a Twilight reference, my god, it’s taking over everything). But I grew up on Superman, on The Justice League, The Legion of Super Heroes, and last but not least, The New Teen Titans. As a kid I read them for fun, as a teen I went to comic book shops — completely changing their demographic statistics every time I walked in the door, because if there’s any place in the world that’s still a boys’ club, it’s the comic book store, or at least it was in the 80s. In college I stumbled onto Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, an entirely different kind of comic book than I’d read before, and fell in love — I still think it’s one of the best pieces of literature I ever read. And did I mention it was published by DC Comics (Vertigo)? Nowadays I’m out of the comic book loop, but my treasures are tucked away in acid-free boxes, in mylar sleeves, with acid-free back boards… as any responsible archivist would do. I haven’t bought a new comic book in years, but whenever I see a blast from the comic book past, it catches my eye.

I love to vote — in polls, on Election Day, for American Idol — so when I stumbled across The Top 75 Most Iconic DC Covers (that’s a mouthful), I was tickled pink — I remember all of these, even the ones before my time! Voting starts November 23 (this Monday). If you were ever a DC girl like me, take a look at the nominees now.